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      Leanne Winston Psychic Medium


Psychic Medium Readings

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Live Shows

Leanne does LIVE readings on stage, sharing her gift to communicate with you and with guidance from Spirit to connect with loved ones from beyond. 

Delivering messages of love, healing and laughter. A heavenly experience designed to make a difference.  


Leanne and her team travel around the country  to bring a display of varying interests to psychic fairs and markets.  

Leanne will be available for private readings at events, as well as the team selling the beautiful stock from the online check out.  The team have been the host of many Expo's and look forward to holding an Expo every year in South Australia.
For any enquiries please contact us. 

Intuitive Energy & Remote Healings

Intuitive healer, Leanne Winston has the ability to see visions, feel energy blockages and travel between the physical and spiritual realms to transform beautiful energy. Leanne's healing techniques are not invasive.

Distant healing can take place anywhere in the world including via an email report. 

Mentoring Program

Mentoring with Leanne includes a vast range of clients, from young teenagers through to adulthood. Support includes a variety of  subjects & answering underlying questions.

When communicating and connecting with Spirit, tools and guidance are made known when needed. To move forward and assist you with any help, Leanne provides you with support and loving energy. 


Online products are available for purchase, tools such as cards, crystals, books, pendulums, singing bowls, salt lamps and more - to help you connect with loved ones and express and release your inner self. Feel free to visit our online shop for further details.

Please contact us for more information on:

Corporate team building 

House Cleansings & Clearing

Personalised group workshops 

Psychic parties

Group healing

Mindfulness practice 

Children’s workshops