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      Leanne Winston Psychic Medium


Native American Drum Making


Five hour workshop, expressing & creating, making your own personal 15 inch Native American drum and drum handle from deer skins. 

Things to bring: Water bottle, Lunch & Creativity. 

Up and coming workshop 

Saturday  19th October 2019

10 am - 4 pm




Comfort Inn, Regal Park 

44 Barton Terrace East, North Adelaide, South Australia 5006

Booking are a must

Any questions please 

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On-line Beginners Level 1 Psychic- Psychic/Mediumship


Do you feel you are gifted and connect to the spirit world?

Do you feel the need to understand what you are sensing? 

Are you generally interested in the spiritual path?

Would like to know how to awaken your connection?

This workshop is designed to help you understand the connection you have with spirit,

Teach you how to protect your energy,

Set your boundaries working with energy, this can be great for when understanding and working with are rainbow and crystal children, to be able to protect our sensitive little ones. 

Next release online is Thursday 

14th November 2019

This workshop consist of 5 modules being released weekly to work through at your own pace.

This is a Certificated course.

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Crystal Wand Making


Together we will create a beautiful piece for you that is as much about your need for fun, peace and holistic healing. You will allow your bodies own healing to guide the process, making it personal and individual to you. 

These wands have been used in ceremony, for practitioners in their practice and balancing piece.

Crystal Grid Making


Learn how to cleanse the crystal
Set your crystal grid
All Crystals supplied chakra Set or if you have your own that you wish to use you can bring your own from home..

Intermediate Level 2 Psychic- Mediumship


Are you interested in having a better understanding of what it's like working as a Psychic or a Medium?
Do you want to understand and strengthen your connection with spirit?
Wanting to challenge yourself?

Leanne Winston Psychic Medium is well known for her connection with spirit, Her healing abilities and loving caring nature as a coach and Educator.

Topic's Covered:
- Raising your Vibrations
- Difference between Psychic & Mediumship
- The Clair's
- Strengthening your Connection
- Taking your readings to a higher level
- Phases of a Reading
- Looking at the Different Tools of the trade
- Morals and Ethics
And so much more

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 Leanne bases her Online Topics very similar to if you where in one of her classes.

Learning is always an integral part of life and is a never ending process.  courses are fruitful in best environments where yourself  is free from all external pressure and focuses on learning.

Topics Covered:
Anxiety & Depression  

Psychic - Mediumship
Self love 

Up and coming workshop

Level 1 Psychic-Mediumship online development 

8 week workshop

Starts Tuesday 10th September 

7.45 pm

This workshop is designed to work through modules at your own pace, connecting online with Leanne on a regular bases.

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